Over the weekend of April 9th/10th 2016 the news filtered through about the untimely death of Etienne Hugel the famed Alsatian wine maker.


I had the pleasure in meeting this man back in September 2011. We met in his tasting room in his shop in Riquewihr in the French province of Alsace, pictured below.


From there he gave me a tour of his various vineyards which were going through the last days of that year’s vendange  (harvest). A tour of his winery then followed via his house which he was proud to show. A tasting followed of six of his vintages then rather than going home at the end of his days work he joined me for a beer in the local hotel. Whilst in the tasting in his shop his ability of being multi lingual came to the fore, it didn’t matter where in the world his customers came from, he could communicate with them. Although he did say he preferred to speak English, I’m not sure whether that was for my benefit or amusement?

A gift box of some of the families vintages below.


A thoroughly kind and generous man who gave me half a day of his time for no real reward, something that is missing in the modern world. He will sadly be missed by the wine world.


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