For the past six years since it’s inception I have have entered the International Wine Photographer of the Year competition and each year was awarded a place amongst the shortlisted finalists. So this year  was delighted to be given a placing, 3rd place in the places category. The award was announced at a very glitzy reception in the Mall Galleries, Pall Mall In London.



The competition is split into three categories with three placings in each category and the photo below shows the nine winning images.


My image is of some freshly pruned vines owned by Olivier Humbrecht one of the top wine producers in Alsace, Northern France.

Not one to normally be on the lens side of the camera but I made an exception this time, photo courtesy of Errazuriz Wines.

And here is my image shot in February 2017, titled Religious Vines.

Religious Vines

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